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Outdoor Entertainment

Day or night, the patio is a place for entertainment. YES Installation is a leader in outdoor entertainment spaces in the DFW area. Whether it's just a quick mount or a full blown upgrade to your outdoor space, YES has you covered!

As any realtor or home remodeler will tell you, the backyard (or deck, patio, roof…) is the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family. Just look at the growth of the landscaping and outdoor kitchen business as proof. But what happens when you bring all your party guests over for some grilling, swimming and chillin, but the cool AV gear is all in the house?

Outdoor entertainment systems are popular, and very practical. They’re used frequently (depending on your climate of course) and bring a lot of ROI in terms of enjoyment.

Get the best sound

You should fill your outdoor space with quality outdoor speakers. There’s a variety of styles available, from in-wall/in-ceiling models (good for lanais and covered patios) , wall-mountable models (popular for hanging under a home’s eaves) to rock-shaped speakers and in-ground speakers.

Speaker placement in a backyard or outdoor space can be trickier than in a living room or home theater. Outside sound travels and can either travel far, into the yard next door, or not far enough so you may only get sound in localized spots. Placement really needs to be thought out carefully because you want the sound to be even across the entire coverage area. In urban environments or cities, yards or patios can be small, so it's important to be careful about where the speakers are projecting. Putting a set of speakers in the back of the yard, on a wall [if the yard has a wall] so they’re facing toward the house, and a set on the patio under the eaves will make it so the sound is focused toward the living area of the yard and not simply blasted out into the neighborhood. For larger yards like we have here in Texas we use landscape speakers that look very similar to landscape lights. Placing them in a circle (or radiating) to point toward the listening area so that everyone can hear at the same volume. Since low frequencies have very large waves, they tend to dissipate quickly, YES Installation recommends a subwoofer to fill in the sound. Subwoofers that can be partially buried are a good option.

People understand the need for separate audio zones in a home, but why not in the back yard? Yes, multiple audio zones can be very helpful, even in outdoor spaces that aren’t very big. For example, an area that includes a pool, a cooking/BBQ area and a lanai (which includes an outdoor TV) could easily be filled with sound all at once. What if not everyone wants to hear the music at the same level? Kids in the pool might want to turn up the volume to play over their own screaming, while the people at the BBQ or lanai want to tone it down to conversational levels. Speaker placement also comes into play here. If one seating area is closer to the speakers than another, someone’s going to be blown away with music while another person keeps cranking it up. Being able to control the volume and source independently makes the yard more enjoyable for all. YES Installation can provide a sound solution that accommodates everyone's needs.

Image is everything

First off, you need the right TV and that means an outdoor TV. YES Installation is an authorized seller of Sunbrite TV’s, designed to withstand the rigors of the untamed world. While outdoor HDTVs certainly cost more than standard TVs, Hunter says they’re worth the price. “People may want to buy a cheap TV and put it on a patio,” he says, “but eventually they get tired of replacing them.”

Outdoor TVs are weather resistant, which means you don’t need to worry about rain and snow. Even if your patio if covered, it only takes a little rain blown in by wind or a squirt of a hose by the gardener to ruin a standard TV. Even high humidity, especially with salty ocean air, can damage a TV that’s not built to withstand the elements.

Aside from getting the right TVs, placement is an important factor. When you’re outside you have the sun to deal with, and the sun’s position changes throughout the day. YES Installation almost always put outdoor TVs on full articulating mounts. If there’s only one TV in the area we want the mount to be adjustable so the screen is viewable from multiple locations.

Just like in home theaters, screen size is a factor. With an outdoor TV, viewers are often further away from the screen than they would be indoors. Anything smaller than a 46-inch TVs is probably too small unless you’re certain that the viewers will always be close to the screen. Whatever the size though, YES Installation has you covered with the brightest televisions and the toughest mounts.