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Television Mounting

One of the most precarious installation jobs you can face is the mounting of your television. There are many different ways to do it and many ways to make mistakes. Of course, the last thing you want is to have your TV come crashing down one day. That is why availing yourself of YES Installation and our talented electronics specialists, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX community, is the smart way to get your TV up on the wall and clearly viewable by everyone. YES Installation is here to help you with your flat screen TV mounting, safely and securely.

TV mounting can be performed on a variety of walls and other structures, but each one has its own unique quirks. That is why allowing a qualified professional to conduct the installation for you is the wisest choice. YES Installation has been performing TV mounting and installation for over 10 years, so let us do the hard work and ensure that your TV is mounted properly and will last for years. There is no substitute for a job done right by a skilled technician.

At YES Installation we handle every aspect of your installation or mounting project. Besides ensuring that your TV is mounted correctly and securely, we also attend to all the details.

We also offer custom remote control integration, electronic recycling, and even TV removal or moving service. Whether we are mounting your TV onto sheetrock or brick, indoor or outdoor, no project is too challenging or too involved for YES Installation.

TV mounting does not have to be a frustrating or time-consuming endeavor. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas, come by our store and talk with one of our friendly electronics specialists today!